Behind the Scenes: How Powel uses Azure IoT and DevOps to detect water leakages and improve water monitoring management

Play Behind the Scenes: How Powel uses Azure IoT and DevOps to detect water leakages and improve water monitoring management



Cities across Norway are seeing an average water loss of more than 30% due to leakages in their water distribution network. This represents a significant cost that ends up in the hands of consumers.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team from Powel,  a trusted supplier of software solutions for cities/municipalities, counties and the energy industry, as they discuss how they recently teamed up with Microsoft and implemented an Azure  IoT “SmartWater” solution that provides organizations with the ability to discover and react to these leakages early.

  • [03:49] Tell us a little bit about Powel. What do you do?
  • [06:07]  Can you describe the problem you were trying to solve with regards to water distribution?
  • [06:54] How is water lost? How do you detect leaks?
  • [11:25] What are the things that impact the flow of water?
  • [15:02] How does the SmartWater sensor work? How do you communicate with it?
  • [19:04] What do you see the opportunity for systems like this to adopted?
  • [24:33] While you were working through this project, did you have any "ah-ha" moments?
  • [26:32] How did DevOps play into this?
  • [31:32] What's next for this project?

Use the code and architecture from this project on GitHub, get hands on with IoT labs or start to build your own IoT solution on Azure.



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    Saurabh Kumar

    Behind The Scenes: really is a big source of inspiration to me.It helps me to know new technologies.
    How we can use Microsoft latest technologies to implement on ideas.The way this video series is broadcast-ed is very impressive and grows ideas and enthusiasm to learn more and more.Thank you so much for this channel.really admirable.

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