Making the Internet of Things - How to DIY a DDR Mat on the Cheap for Your Unity2d Game

Play Making the Internet of Things - How to DIY a DDR Mat on the Cheap for Your Unity2d Game



What better way to celebrate the New Year than by creating your very own DDR (yes…that stands for “Dance, Dance Revolution!”) mat on the cheap! In today’s show Stacey Mulcahy shows us how we can build our own pressure sensor mat and then tie it into a Unity2D game.

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The Discussion

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    galus kitapankwa

    it is nice

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    Nice explanation and it makes sense but I was kind of hoping you would show your finished DDR mat project and play alittle. This only covered the technical side of things and never showed a finished product T_T.

    Its important because I wanted to see the responsiveness, and show off to friends a cool DDR mat made of basic supplies. I've had to code matts before just to reconfigure keys or add dual step functionality for mats that aren't good at it but never made one from scratch and wanted to analyze how viable it could be from seeing your finished product.

    Still gave some good food for thought and may try this someday when I'm feeling creative enough to test it out and tweak it.

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