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Jerry Nixon and Matt Harrington welcome Evelyne Viegas, Don Syme and Kenji Takeda to the show as they discuss Try  - a new website designed to help you learn how to use F# in your applications as well how F#’s unique capabilities can best work for you.

  • [3:15] What is Try F#?
  • [6:07] What is information-rich programming?
  • [17:53] What are some of the benefits of F# in Data Science and the semantic web?
  • [21:11]  What can I expect to see on Try

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The Discussion

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    Nice to see good energy around F# these days.

    The concept of Type Providers is truly a major innovation in language / IDE design.

    Even though I have been using F# for a while, I am still learning quite a bit from, especially about the applications of F# in the various domains.

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    mashallah very nice one

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