Microsoft DevRadio: Microsoft OCR Library - Enabling Windows apps to Recognize Text in Images

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    That is amazing. I am so wanting to include that in my app.

    I have a question though, is there a plan to include the resource generator tool for languages as an API. As you correctly pointed out if I include all the languages it will be 25+MB which is huge in the mobile platform. So, If I could generate the resource on the fly when the user selects the language, it would be light weight and easy to use. I am sure you have thought about this and have it in your TODO List. 

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    beauty lies in simplicity! 
    I wish most libraries would follow this kind of API design with one method!

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    This is really cool and simple!

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    Configfree task tray menu has stopped working" satellite L755-M1DU windows 7 64 bit

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    Thanks for a great OCR demo

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    Mitch Gaffigan

    I note that since this is packaged as a custom WinRT component, it cannot be used in Desktop.  Is there any availability of this API for desktop applications?

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    Awesome Demo!!

    I am looking forward to build app using this API.

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    Compared to the other OCR libraries I've tried, this one is surprisingly fast and fairly accurate.  I have thousands of mechanical engineering drawings in Deep Zoom format whose dimensions and other textual annotations I wish to harvest and correlate with their positions so that our drawing viewer application can enable text and/or dimension search and zoom.  Our drawing source images tend are usually 8,000 to 10,000 pixels in width.  Consequently I wish this Microsoft OCR library supported larger image sizes.  But perhaps it does support larger sizes; I only just took a look at it.  The demo app limits images to 2600 pixels. Kudos to the team!

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    Shilpa K

    Awesome demo!!!!

    I followed the tutorial from this following link( and i am able to use the scanning API successfully. But, I need to scan the OCR values with numerical and special characters(#, >)
    With Microsoft OCR Library, i am able to scan the alpha-numerical and NOT able to scan the special characters(>) and sometimes # will be read as // or "".
    Can anyone help me out.

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    @Gratitudepod: As for me I worked on OCR library 2 months back. I was amazed with its performance, and made two apps based on this which are on windows store. But now it seems not working anymore.Then I tried to run the Microsoft OCR Library Sample app, it is also not working now.It works in debug mode only.I ran Windows certifications test and it showed the error that It is using API which is not part of windows SDK for windows apps. Please do something regarding this as soon as possible.

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    I want to use Microsoft OCR in a web service.
    I've tried to reference the WindowsPreview.Media.Ocr into my web service but it failed and I can't see this reference in the reference list.
    Is it possible to use the MS OCR in a web service ?
    What should I do to get it work ?

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    Quite interested in OCR technology and I've done some reserch on it and read a lot on articles.Microsoft OCR library is a good one.

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    Yuriy Look

    There is already a question from Mitch Gaffig​an, which unfortunately was not answered. What about OCR SDK for desktop applications. Obviously even Windows 7 has OCR capabilities -- on tablets OCR is enabled by default. Unfortunately there isn't a public API, and looks like that with the OCR library discussed on this page there's nothing for desktop developers. I'd be happy to be proved wrong...

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    This is great, I been trying to call the OCR Lib from command line and without much success. I tried in VS2012 and after couple of exceptions I got a blue GUI but clicks not working on any objects.

    Appreciate if someone can put a simple tutorial to run an application from Windows command prompt (In Windows 8.1) with a sample bmp or jpg file.


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    >appreciate if someone can put a simple tutorial to run an application from Windows command prompt

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