Microsoft DevRadio: Using Xamarin to Create the Draw a Stickman app for Windows 8

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    It is worth pointing out that Hitcents used MonoGame ( to allow them to port their game from iOS to Windows 8 and Android in 4 hours!!

    MonoGame is an OpenSource implementation of XNA that works on iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS, PlayStation Mobile, Windows 8RT, Windows Phone8, Ouya, Raspberry PI and maybe one day, a console near you Smiley.

    Check it out and help make it the XNA you hoped it would be.

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    Sure those MonoGame team deserve a lot of cudos for delivering XNA to Android, iOS, Windows 8 and WP8, when Microsoft gave up on us indie XNA developers.

    And Xamarin for also having the confidence in .NET (albeit there cross compilers come with a lisence costs)

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    @Jules: Microsoft hasn't lost any interest in .NET. Just to be clear... There's a difference between having interests in more than one thing versus having one thing be everything. Make sense? We are also fans of Xamarin. Smiley


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    If MS bought Xamarin and brought this in would kill almost all of the other tools that people are using to build IOS and Android apps. Just destroy them. VS is the best dev tool hands down...being able to do cross platform would just be epic. It might also improve the quality of apps in the Windows Store since writing for windows or windows phone wouldn't seem like you were shooting yourself in the foot. (That's not my opinion, its what I'm hearing from people who are selling software in the Apple and Android stores.)

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    thank you

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    great show and  information all mobile developers should use

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