Startup Stories: (Part 1) Women Building the Future

Play Startup Stories: (Part 1) Women Building the Future


We’re kicking off a new Microsoft for Startups series on DevRadio, and with International Women’s Day on the horizon we decided to highlight some women lead tech startups and their companies.  In today’s episode, David Giard welcomes Tereza Nemessanyi, a serial entrepreneur who currently helps startups through the Microsoft BizSpark program. Tune in as they discuss BizSpark and how women lead startups are building the future of tech.

  • [2:10] What do you do at Microsoft?
  • [4:12] What can Microsoft do for startups?
  • [5:50]  Who qualifies for BizSpark?
  • [7:23] What is BizSpark Plus?
  • [9:25]  International Women's Day is March 8th and I was wondering if you see more women startup businesses especially in the tech industry?
  • [13:10] What challenges do women lead startups face in the tech space and what advice can you offer them?
  • [21:13] What are the top 5 hottest tech areas women entrepreneurs need to get involved in?

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