.NET Native Performance - Optimizing Your Windows Apps with .NET Native

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VS_DownloadJerry Nixon welcomes Xavier Ziemba to the show as they discuss the recent performance enhancements  made to .NET Native that will dramatically optimize the performance of your Windows apps. Be sure to listen in and catch all of the important announcements here!  

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The Discussion

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    This sounds great for "Store" Apps!

    Is there any news for the VAST majority of C# apps, like Desktop/Server?

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    nazmul hossain sohan

    all the best

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    I'm really disappointed, after all the great stuff you showed at the begining of the video and all that C# and C++ comparisons, I came to know that this is only for Windows10 and store apps ? sometimes I just can't get MS decisions 

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    Is there any performance win with interop/PInvoke once compiled with .NET Native?

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