Developer Support Series: HTTP 2.0 - The Future of Web

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During this PGI we will discuss in-depth concepts of HTTP2 and how it is drastically different from HTTP 1.1. Also we help you understand how HTTP2 improves current generation web. We will also discuss about the support for protocol from server side (Microsoft Windows 10 and ASPNET5) and client side browsers (IE, Firefox and Chromium) with several demos using network traces and how we can dissect/troubleshoot HTTP2.

  • HTTP
    • Where are we
      • HTTP 1.1 and world of options
      • Incomplete implementations of RFC
  • Shortcomings of HTTP
    • Inadequate use of TCP
    • TCP slowstart
    • Latency
    • Head of line blocking
  • What have we done to overcome?
    • Spiriting, inlining, concatenation
    • Shading
  • How it all started (SPDY protocol)
  • Goals of HTTP 2
  • HTTP2 concepts
    • TLS or not
    • Binary
    • Multiplexing
    • Priorities
    • Header Compression
    • RESET
  • How it affects Administrators/ application developers?
  • Support for HTTP2
    • Firefox, Chrome and IE
    • Server support windows 10, nginx, aspnet5
  • How to troubleshoot?
  • Critiques of HTTP2
  • What is next after HTTP2?





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