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With this session we will talk about the cloud load testing, what are the benefits, why should we adopt it.

You can scale your tests to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and generate load from multiple regions worldwide. It is quick, provide real time charts and graphs, get deeper insights about performance and lot more.


Why load test in the cloud?

  • Quick: Just one click gets you a performance lab in the cloud, no setup needed. Scale up or down based on your needs.
  • Free load testing: Get 20,000 virtual user minutes every month to load test at no extra charge.
  • Real-time charts and graphs: Watch your app's performance while your tests run. Share the results when your tests are done.
  • Test where your users are: Test from different locations to reduce latency and simulate local conditions.


Get deeper insights about performance: Get full server and client diagnostics when you simulate real-life load patterns for your app.



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