DirectX 12: Multiadapter Unreal Engine 4

Play DirectX 12: Multiadapter Unreal Engine 4

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    August 2015. Win 10 is out. Still waiting for this "experimental technique called heterogeneous multiadapter" to hit my rigs.

    Btw, previously it was called "Dedicated PhysX card" - not that experimental, is it? Still a great feature, to have those 'old', still powerful, graphic cards doing something besides collecting dust.

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    This isn't the same as a "dedicated PhysX card", but thanks for playing. For that, you had to add hardware. This will simply take advantage of the iGPU that typically goes unused when the dGPU kicks in. Perhaps you were thinking of Lucid Virtu? That was a similiar technology of blending both GPUs, but still not really the same as this is built into the game engine - doesn't require a seperate piece of software to enable it.

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