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    The presentation fails to mention if the Direct3D 12 improves on the FPS or score of the 3DMark other than dividing the workload evenly between CPU cores, it could be that 3Dmark demo is pretty much over-saturated the GPU. One thing I dun like about 3DMark is that they dun reflect real games. 3DMark just throw zillions of triangles to stress the GPU whereas games are optimized and reduce the triangles sent and rendered, and balance the act of achieving same level of aesthetics with less triangles and better FPS.

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    Virtual World

    I use VS Express for fun purpose to produce amazing jaw dropping 3d interactive games and scenes to watch um on large TV screen 40 inch plus, as it is far better and safer then 1st Person KILLER LOL. The previous versions of VS Express DX9, DX10 produced scenes/terrain that were pretty cool to look at, and most of the time as good or better than Avatar (that used floating trees+roots Mesh ripped from 9C SDK LOL ) or Prometheus (Sad looking terrain from lifeless MARS ). DX9 was awesome, DX10 was good, DX11 was uphill struggle to get graphic cards and libraries to hooked up. So, I wish Microsoft cut the BS and stop going in maze circle, and tells us the fun loving coders: can we still use our own Meshes from awesome 3rd parties??? e.g. Awesome Blender meshes in various formats????!!!!! or meshes ripped from Maya-Autodesk, and 2D toon textures, Alpha channels with better blue screens interface, and even more reliable and better particle effects WITHOUT BURNING OUT THE CPU, and is VS 2013 software as good as UDK4???? also crucially if VS 2013 has codes/helper functions for better 3D sound with lots of UMPH wrt direction xyz??? because help for sound coding on MS VS has been pretty crap in the past till 2014, will that awful trend last?, as MS VS does not easily or by default support smaller size files such as ogg, mp3 and various other sound formats etc .
    I think it is time for VS 2014 and DX12 for 3D animation that will be as good as PIXER.

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