DirectX: DX12 Techdemo for Maxwell launch

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    Minecraft and Crytek had an ugly child. Crysis 3.0 looks better and it is only DX11

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    Bitrate complainer

    Could you please increase the bitrate of the web video? All details are lost because of blurry compression and there is too much grey overlay on the video.

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    I'm completely not impressed. This could have been from a game from 6 years ago.

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    The bitrate/quality on this video is a joke.
    How are you supposed to show off a graphics showcase/api demo, if it's literally impossible to see anything through a blurry, low-res, pixelated haze?

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    I want to see this video with normal quality.
    Your "High Quality MP4" worse than youtube 360p quality.
    Why did you use such a bad video codec or put low quality settings when encoding video?

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    DX12, that secret sauce!

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    rsf game

    nice video quality can really see the dx12 graphics shine

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    tech demo where

    how does this even pass as a tech demo?

    this sucks even as marketing...

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