Active Search in Windows Live Mail Desktop

Play Active Search in Windows Live Mail Desktop

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        Don't show us Fred Wilsons us yours! (6:53)

    EDIT: Man you guys did a lot of CYA (Cover your Rear) on the privacy stuff....that got me thinking....

    "This is not the spyware you are looking for"
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    Here is my blog, and here is the blog for the product

    Here is the blog post giving all of the details about the ActiveSearch feature.

    Here is the link to the report from Jefferson Wells International.


    Bryan Starbuck

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    > EDIT: Man you guys did a lot of CYA (Cover your Rear) on the privacy stuff....that got me thinking....

    Privacy is very important to people.  Our goal is to:
    a) Get the design right because respecting people's privacy is big priority at Microsoft.

    b) Be transparent about the details.  The privacy advocates are wonderful.  They provide a service by verifying claims in order for the community to be able to have trust in the product.
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    Will users with email addresses on domains registered through Windows Live Custom Domains be able to use the software?  I've submitted my address for the beta but I presume it's being ignored because it's not a or address - but I am currently using my WLCD registered email address with Windows Live Mail Beta.
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    I need the ability to right-click --> add domain to junk email and put in junk-email folder

    It will take me ages to click the top menu every time I want to get rid of junk email.

    Also a question: when i move email to the junk email folder, is it considered junk email or am i just moving a message to a folder?


    Edit: Also i need the ability to right-click on a IMAP folder and click Mark All as Read

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    So how do we hide that pane altogether?  It takes up way too much valuable horizontal screen real estate when running at 1024x768.

    And BTW ActiveSearch is a terrible feature.  If I want to search for something, I'll just go search for it.  Why in god's name do I want this thing constantly eating up my CPU cycles doing something I didn't ask it to do, and I could do better utilizing my own brain?  I can't believe MS actually wastes time and money on such a non-sensical 'feature.'

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