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    I would like to congratulate MS on this move. The .Net framework can do much more in regards of evangelizing its use to the open source developers and these communities are fundamental as we can see from sourceforge, tigris, berlios, etc.
    You could gain more projects if you offer some sort of conversion of cvs/subversion/... repositories and issue trackers like bugzilla/trac/jira... to team system.
    That said I try to stay away from TS as I basicly like to have the flexibility of running my own servers... for free, on any OS. I know TS is much more integrated but you can go a long way with a combination of subversion, continuum and track (jira is commercial so I snob that one too).
    Remembering the guy that was talking about the economics behind TS I believe he was (and still is) right on the target market but simply put, there is a too strong competition that is pushing these features to commodity levels (and more things like continuus integration, code coverage, etc).
    I believe that MS should make a low lever TS server that can run on XP and that has certain limitations (on number of developers or concurrent users or limiting just for open source projects like jira) but that can be free with every Visual Studio kit. Why?
    Because we must grab as many developers of the other platforms. And with the other camp offering these tools for free we are loosing developers. I believe the .net framework would benefit far more from more developers that develop with it even though TS as a product might be less profitable (and even that is questionable, as the people would push it to the offices).
    Keep up the good work!
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    A question i didnt see answered, yet i think its very important.

    What does i require to use codeplex? The team explorer is a VS team system only feature.

    But seems like you can download the team explorer from their site(?). So would this work in express too?

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    I'm pretty sure that the client only works in full Visual Studio versions and not in the express editions.  However, if you install the client on a computer that does not have a full version of Visual Studio then a very basic shell is installed for you that gives you source code check-in / check-out and work item capabilities from Windows.  Admitidly it is not integrated with the express IDE but it is perfectly functional.

    See the following help on the CodePlex site to get more information on obtaining the client:-

    Obvioulsy, people can still contribute to a project by submitting bugs etc via the web interface in which case they don't need any thing but a browser.



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    I have a project hosted on CodePlex. The site is simple and it works. Great work guys!

    PietschSoft.VE3 - ASP.NET Virtual Earth Map Control
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    CodePlex is for sure meant to be a long-standing Microsoft project, so this video is very useful as introduction for the system.
    Anyway, I would also like to see a more technical article on the subject both on the front side and the 'behind-the-scenes'.

    It would be good to see how the systems actually works: because this is not open- or shared-source, a few hints on the inner mechanism will be of course a plus for the tech-oriented audience.

    Then, for the beginner users it would also help another video where the key features are explained and possibly shown in actions: how to manage an Issue or how to upload the Source Code using Team Explorer, for instance, would be good starting points.

    I think CodePlex is so interesting that it will need more and more video and space on MSDN, it is both useful for Developers who want to publish their projects and as project itself to be studied both technically and socially as a collaborative event.

    I would suggest to make a full series of CodePlex videos each running through a different aspect of it.
    I also suggest all these videos to be starred by Julie alone Tongue Out She really need to overcome her problem with the camera Wink
    I mean it, really: she is the 'front face' of the team, after all, and she is barely known to us.
    I propose a petition to have more on-screen time for her!

    Happy coding!

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    I think the inclusion of Wiki functionality is a great advantage over other OSS sites. 

    This is a terrific way to promote the benefits of the .NET Framework, especially with all the new technologies for Vista and Live.

    I've also posted my project to CodePlex, an easy to use RSS-enabled web collaboration tool called ListRing Cool
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    Very interesting stuff and I look forward to it being opened up a little more to more project... at the same time though I'm kind of puzzled.

    CodePlex sounds just like GotDotNet with a Team Foundation Server backend.

    Rather than build another Windows/.NET community coding website... why weren’t the new features and backend built for CodePlex used to create a new GotDotNet version but still use the same name and avoid the potential rivalry issues.

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    Succintly:  2 Thumbs up! Big Smile
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    I watched this last night and one thing that struck me is that the team mentioned that continuous integration was being used. I was wondering how this was being implemented at the time the video was being made? Was it a custom CI engine implemented using the TFS extensions or was this a 3rd party tool? The reason for the question(s) is I am stuggling to implement this now using TFS.


    .... the sound effects from the broken build were pretty funny.

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