Introduction and Basic Object Creation (ZAM3D)

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In this video Mike Soucie and Jim Foley give us an introduction to the use of 3D in interactive applications using Windows Presentation Foundation capabilities. You will learn about the scenarios where ZAM3D can help designers create and add 3D content and will learn about basic object creation in ZAM3D.



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The Discussion

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    Can I assume we will get to see the rest of the presentation here or is this just someone's way of cruelty by way of leaving us wanting more?
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    It's really not nice to cut the video in half!
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    It's really anoying hearing so much "aah" in one video, it's not only anoying but verry UNprofessional to. and of course giving only half the video was NOT a problem, i stopped the video after "aaaah" 5 minutes, it started to get on my nerves

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