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The set of features that make up Sharepoint 2007 are hard to cover with just one video, but 3 group program managers (Jon Kauffman, PJ Hough, and Gerhard Schobbe) and a marketing guy (no offense Lawrence!) sat down with me to chat about the cool new features that you can see in the Beta 2 release.



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    Sigh, my very first appearance in a C9 video, and I screw up my own introduction. Perplexed Oh well, I guess that plus the bad lighting and the frequent jabs by the GPMs at the "marketing guy" (that would be me though I'm really the technical marketing guy here) make for the perfect C9 video. It’s lengthy, but I think that you’ll enjoy the whole thing, especially Jon’s “Khan!” impression at timestop 9:57. Smiley

    Lawrence Liu
    Senior Technical Product Manager and Community Lead
    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server | WorkBlog | LifeBlog

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    Cool, a sharepoint video!

    Love the product! I wish my download would go a bit faster so I could watch it, only getting 9kb/sec atm:(
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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    i love all this new coverage on office 2007.  all we need now is a video on Access.
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    Woo-hoo! Good job guys!

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    dillona wrote:
    Really interesting video, however what happened to the Jessica Arnold Office video on the home page?

    The C9 big guys rotate the videos; you can still access that thread at or just go to the Videos section and click on it. 

    This rotation provides a way to keep the new videos visible.
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    wallpaper please lol:P
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    Everything looks great but I was wondering when the XML connection builder tool mentioned will be available on Codeplex? Also, is there any indication on the timeframe for the final release of Sharepoint 2007?

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    Something wrong with "operators's" voice... Sounds like robot's voice.
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    The BDC Metadata Generated has been posted on CodePlex at:

    For other BDC info, go here:
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    Cheers Lawrence, much appreciated.

    Do we have any indication on the timeframe for a final release? The only infomation I can find suggests a late August/early September launch.
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    We're shooting for RTM/Launch in Q4CY2006.
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    OMG!! I was in Jon Kauffman's office for a PM Job Interview one day before this video was made! It is so cool to finally watch a Channel 9 video and say "Yup...I sat in that same exact chair" Total craziness!!!
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    I wish the camera guy had zoomed into the screen more, I just could not read any of the text. Sad
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    Cool stuff...Thx for posting it


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    Being an Access data base developer, I would like to see something added for the user experience.  When developing data bases to sell for commerical use, most end users DO NOT want to see all the ribbon effects on a user based data base program.

    If you are in an office creating data bases, the ribbon is great, and also I might add the new security features are great too.

    I don't know if this is possible, but if the end user would have the option of specifying whether or not their primary use of MS Access is either a "user" or "data base creator" it would sure be handy to eliminate the ribbon from the toolbar for those who do not want to see it and allow for easier custom data base creation.  This is what I do now for all my data bases.  If an individual were to choose "user" then the minimal text toolbar could be loaded without all the additional items used for additional purposes. 

    As a creator, then all the ribbon features would be visible, and it would also be nice to allow the end user to switch between modes if they desired, so when using an Access application, they could open just as any end user would, but then as a creator, they could open with all the new full functions that have been made and visible.

    I'm in the medical area and the end users do not want to see all the additional features as they might be used in other business areas.  Anyway, that is only a suggestion I might add to perhaps make it easier for the developer to work with all the new features that have been added.   Many end users do not want to see more than what they will be using in the medical area and it would perhaps save a little extra code in perhaps having to block the ribbon for the simple end user who just wants to enter data.

    Anyway I just thought I would add my 2 cents worth here.Smiley


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    Hey guys.
    good video, lousy screen capture.Tongue Out
    i have a question to you regarding Web Content management capabilities of the MOSS (a.k.a. - Sharepoint Products and Technologies 2007).
    do you have any information regarding it?
    is it available?
    were there any media rich TAP clients?
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    Alef, we have a ton of IT Pro and Dev content on the WCM features of SharePoint Server 2007. Take a look at the past few entries on the SharePoint Team Blog for some pointers. If you have specific questions about WCM features or CMS 2002, post them to the public CMS newsgroup listed at the SharePoint Community Home Page.

    <Lawrence />

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