Software Security at Microsoft: ACE Team Tour, Part 3

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The Discussion

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    Any one on the team get the job because they hacked into something they "shouldn’t" have? Big Smile

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    Haha, I was wondering the same thing.   Lot's of hackers/crackers end up getting good jobs with software companies and governments.

    I love the guy's shades!
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    Hey that guy is me and yes, it took many many hours to find those shades! Smiley

    Thanks for coming by, if you want to read more about the ACE (Application Consulting & Engineering) team, come by our blog here:

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    Oh and to answer your question, no we typically don't hire "black hat" hackers or "reformed" hackers around these parts.  Not that we know of anyway Wink
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    Jim Carr

    yes, convincing the coo && cto 
    the levels of associated risk they are vulnerable too
    is a common problem right now. 
    ~color coded executive level reports with cool pies charts always does the trick...

    you should have seen it in the 90's when terminology wasn't in paperback form.

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    Hey Ahmad, it's Tony Maupin, from past IOActive fame. Great to see you again. Very good interview, and still lady-killer I see. Wink Keep in touch.

    Tony Maupin
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    It is the best job in the world to be a hacker

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