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Cameron Skinner, Gert Drapers, Robert Merriman, Thomas Murphy, and Matt Nunn sat down with me to discuss a new edition to the Visual Studio Team product family: Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals.  We talked about why this product was created and Cameron (the product unit manager) gave a walk through of the current CTP release.  Targeted for delivery at the end of the year, you can grab the CTP bits and learn more at the team’s website:



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The Discussion

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    Jeroen Ritmeijer
    Very interesting, I cannot wait for the final version. I have had to do all this using various bespoke utilities and methodologies and it is nice that Microsoft is finally taking this part of the market seriously.

    Any chance this works with Oracle as well?
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    Robert M - MSFT

    Thanks for the interest.  For V1, we will have support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 2005.  We have heard the request for having the tools work with other database platforms and are investigating that for a future release.

    Robert Merriman
    Test Manager
    VS Team Data

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    Great looking product!

    Our development team currently uses Visual Team Edition for Software Developers. Will we have to purchase Team Edition for Database Professionals separately when it's released? It sounds from the video that we will not have to. Is this correct?
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    In Production Database we have multiple tables which has PII (Personal Identity Information) Columns and we would not like to share that with DEV/TEST/UAT environment due to company terms and agreement + policies (as we plan to outsource the work)

    Will there be any tool/functions/feature provided in the IDE which will generate "Fictitious Data" for each of these column(s) that we can call before the DB copy is sent to Dev/Test/UAT.  May be we can provide an XML which will have Table + Column name combination which we identify as PII column, which we will provide as input to IDE which then does the magic.

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    To Generate Data, can I use UDF?
    We have written some  UDF's that we execute on our Database to MOCK current Data column, can those be invoked, if so, could you please let me know how?
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    Hi Matt, Gert

    Will this tool (IDE) support "Unit Test Code generation" for existing code-base or its only for new code only?
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    Question on Re-factoring


    What if somebody wants to change the "Column Length"

    1. Will the UI display appropriate Object that needs this change

    2. If we are reducing the column length, will it warn about DATA Truncation

    3. Not sure if it will also display UI dependencies (if I have Solution with one Project for DB and another project for UI) that needs change due to this column name/length change. Will it?

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    1. Can I disable a specific unit test (from the suite) from running

    2. Any way we can get statistics of "Code Coverage"

    3. Any plan on adding "Snippets"/"Common Code Library"


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    At the very end you guys mentioned about Hands-on-lab, could you please provide the URL

    Other URLS:
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    I am beyond excited to see this product coming. Big Smile I was extremely upset that, even though DB projects in 2003 weren't that great, they were crippled even more in 2005 (no export of data, no generation of command files, etc.). [C]

    This looks like everything I've ever wanted and it's finally integrated into my favorite IDE instead of having to turn to a third part product. Can't wait for it to be released!

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    Very nice work.  Hope to use it soon.  Seems to address most of the pain of working in local/test/prod, etc.  It would seem not to be too hard to scan all the embedded sql (i.e. "select x,y from z") in a project to rename names as well.  Would this be possible?  TIA

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    i am so excited about this. and i'm even more excited about the fact that it supports 2000 as well. we're in the process of upgrading to 2005, but being able to support both with one product will be VERY nice. great job, guys!
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    Just downloaded CTP 4, can't wait to try it
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    List most ISV, we have to support more then just SQL server.  Our customers choose the database not us.

    When will this support Oracle and db2 as well as SQL server.

    Will the SAME unit tests be able to run with more then one vender's database?

    Will I be able to compare and move schema changes across SQL Server, Oracle and DB2?

    I don’t mind, (in fact I would be very happy) fs you ONLY supported the common subset of SQL between the 3 leading databases.   If it only works on SQL server I can’t use it.

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    If you step up to suite, DBPro is included at no additional charge.

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    In regards to generating data with DBPro, please see this post as a starting point:

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    Heh, there was a reference to the Data Bound Generator being renamed to Reference Data Generator when it ships... it's still Data Bound Generator!

    Anyhoo, nice product, great job guys!

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    We are going to do a POC using Orcas team suite. also want to use DB Pro.

    But unfortunately DB Pro is not available in Orcas beta 1.

    Any suggestion? will it be available with next beta?


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