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    Hi, I'm using VS2013 Prof. Edt. Upd. 1 (v12.0.30110.00) following step find this:

    - First, I update with NugGet Packages EF 5 to 6.1 (in .Net 4.0 and 4.5)... also try without this upgrade.

    - In second EF Model Wizard step always show just two options: Generate from datase and empty model.... not 

    - Model is created with different files than your video (.diagram, .tt with clases files related, .designer.cs, etc.)

    - My Package Manager Console Host use Version 2.8.50126.477 not 2.7.41101.371 like yours.

    - When I try to run Enable-Migrations -ContextTypeName MyModelName show me this:

    Creating a DbModelBuilder or writing the EDMX from a DbContext created using Database First or Model First is not supported. EDMX can only be obtained from a Code First DbContext created without using an existing DbCompiledModel.

    Please help!

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    Find the problem:

    - First should install Entity Framework 6.1.0 Tools for Visual Studio 2012 & 2013

    - Then update to EF6.1

    - Follow video.


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    When defining models with Entity Framework's Code First and a DbContext class, I find the "View Model" feature of the Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 3 completely indispensable. Without it, I only *think* I know what I've told EF my model should be but I don't really know how Code First will interpret the information I've provided.

    Any plans to get this feature back ? PLEASE!!

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