“WPF/E” Video Boot Camp - Microsoft Expression and Visual Studio 2005 – Ernie Booth

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Welcome to the “WPF/E” (Codename) video boot camp. These videos will teach how to create an interactive media player in about an hour.  The training is broken into three segments: XAML Basics; “WPF/E” with Microsoft Expression; and Programming “WPF/E”.
Together they provide a condensed environment that will allow you to quickly learn programming in “WPF/E”

Next we jump into Expression Design, Expression Blend and Visual Studio.  These tools remove the need to write XAML by hand and show how assets are easy exported from one tool and imported to the next tool.





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The Discussion

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    I think this does the opposite of showing how good the workflow is. It looks very piecemeal and messy with the designer/developer combo having to have either quite a few skills or be very close to each other every step of the way. Imagine if you were on a much more complex project, this is a simple one and already doesn't look good.

    With all the great things that could have been shown here its a shame that we end up with an uninspiring 2D graphic and a poor workflow.

    Maybe try a bit harder next time to come up with a bit more of a WOW element.
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    It would be nice to increase the font size within Windows and/or VS so that the code can be see clearly.  Resolution is obviously lost during recording and encoding.  Sad

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