“WPF/E” Video Boot Camp - Microsoft Expression and Visual Studio 2005 – Ernie Booth

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The Discussion

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    I think this does the opposite of showing how good the workflow is. It looks very piecemeal and messy with the designer/developer combo having to have either quite a few skills or be very close to each other every step of the way. Imagine if you were on a much more complex project, this is a simple one and already doesn't look good.

    With all the great things that could have been shown here its a shame that we end up with an uninspiring 2D graphic and a poor workflow.

    Maybe try a bit harder next time to come up with a bit more of a WOW element.
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    It would be nice to increase the font size within Windows and/or VS so that the code can be see clearly.  Resolution is obviously lost during recording and encoding.  Sad

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