“WPF/E” Video Boot Camp - XAML Basics - Ernie Booth

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Welcome to the “WPF/E” (Codename) video boot camp. These videos will teach how to create an interactive media player in about an hour.  The training is broken into three segments: XAML Basics; “WPF/E” with Microsoft Expression; and Programming “WPF/E”.
Together they provide a condensed environment that will allow you to quickly learn programming in “WPF/E”

We begin by learning about XAML (extensible Application Markup Language) which is used to create basic shapes, layout, and animation. All the demos are done using XAML Pad, a part of the Windows Platform SDK. You aren’t required to use XAMLPad for “WPF/E” development, but as you will seeit  makes XAML development much faster.





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