Zack Bowling, Creator of "Bass Tuner" for Windows Phone

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Zack created Bass Tuner, an app for the Windows Phone platform that helps users tune their bass. Listen to his story here as well as check out his other apps (like Guitar tuner)  in the Windows store.

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The Discussion

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    Really awesome, and great video, looking forward in your apps

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    Great video and app!! I love it. Look forward to more in the future. Good job Zack!!

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    Trudy Shouse

    Zack honey, I really impressed with this, I just got thru watching it, When your great Grandma comes over, I'll have to show it to her. Love and God Bless you all

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    ryan neal

    Nice! I just watched the video and the app seems awesome but I don't own a bass. So mabey later.

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    That's a great ob, so awesome. Keep your life to more more satisfaction doing that you like :)

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    Thank you all for your support and comments, please visit my website on more information:

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