Zack Bowling, Creator of "Bass Tuner" for Windows Phone

Play Zack Bowling, Creator of "Bass Tuner" for Windows Phone
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The Discussion

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    Really awesome, and great video, looking forward in your apps

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    Great video and app!! I love it. Look forward to more in the future. Good job Zack!!

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    Trudy Shouse

    Zack honey, I really impressed with this, I just got thru watching it, When your great Grandma comes over, I'll have to show it to her. Love and God Bless you all

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    ryan neal

    Nice! I just watched the video and the app seems awesome but I don't own a bass. So mabey later.

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    That's a great ob, so awesome. Keep your life to more more satisfaction doing that you like :)

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    Thank you all for your support and comments, please visit my website on more information:

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