First Look at the Windows Azure Toolkit for Facebook

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In this quick overview, Gunther Lenz ISV Architect Evangelist with Microsoft, shows how to set-up a Facebook developer account and configure the Windows Azure toolkit for Facebook to run the samples provided in the Codeplex download. The toolkit significantly streamlines development of Facebook (and other) applications that connect Windows Azure Table Storage as well as SQL and incorporate best practices for scalable cloud solutions.

Also check out CloudPoll reference application, built on the Windows Azure Toolkit for Facebook, and free to use for any Facebook user Smiley.

Gunther Lenz

ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft | blog| team-blog | ISV Concierge



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    Greats, "Genial"
    Tienes el codigo fuente de tu ejemplo
    great, great applicationhave the source code for this example?

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