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Come and experience the first episode of Connect The Tech! Connect The Tech is a new series that will be used to present and connect the technical skills of people in different STEM fields.

In Episode 1, Gabrielle will introduce you to Brandon Washington, an Aerospace Engineering Student from Purdue who has little to no experience with programming. In this episode, Brandon will explain his field and technical expertise and then take a peak into Gabrielle's world and what she does in her job as a Technical Evangelist. Gabrielle will be guiding Brandon through a Single Servo with an Arduino using Johnny Five tutorial! Will he fall in love with programming? Will he feel like he learned something valuable? You are going to have to watch to find out!

Want to due the same tutorial as Brandon? Check it out here:



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    Pretty cool. I learned a bunch. Remember to switch the light switch from "AUTO" to "ON".

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