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    Thanks for this tutorial! I will come handy! Although i still have doubts about the image sizes. The place holders have an specific resolution assigned. But as i see, you used different images resolutions to add to your project. I wish to know what images sizes you have used? And what are the images requirements? Images must be in a square format as shown in the place holders or not?

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    Hi, i cant open the package.appxmanifest on VS2015, it says that 'this item do not support previewing'! I don't have a clue why this is happening...May you please help me with that?

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    The manifest file can be viewed in a visual mode or in code mode. You may have to right-click to view the code version, and fix any potential issues with it. Then try to double-click it again to view in the visual mode.


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    I edited the placeholder images that were already created during the export process, so that I didn't have to worry about the dimensions. To see a full list of possible tile dimensions, scroll to the "Asset size tables" section in the documentation, at the bottom of this page here:

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