Deploying Database Projects to SQL Azure

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In this video we deploy the database project we created in the previous episode to SQL Azure while hitting on some cool pro tips and advice.

This is a continuation of the previous video, which can be located here:

[00:00] - Introduction
[00:25] - Review Previous Episode
[01:23] - Quick Azure Overview
[03:07] - Quick Create SQL Azure Database + Pro Tips
[04:51] - Pro Tips - SQL Azure & PaaS
[06:32] - Publish & Connection Settings
[08:36] - Saving a Publish Profile
[09:03] - Resolving Target DB Issues
[09:51] - Publish Attempt 2 - using load profile + Pro Tips
[10:47] - Pro Tips - White Listing IP Address Ranges
[11:36] - Successful Publish + Verification
[13:39] - Conclusion



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The Discussion

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    I have this working but the publishing takes 2 mins each time.   I would like to do some makes some changes and test them quickly before publishing them live.   There is no "local" version of SQl azure and I cant publish to local SQl server as the target database is SQl Azure.


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