Session 1: The Partnership Ecosystem and the Case for Partnership

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The Discussion

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    Plan on joining us tomorrow!


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    Looking forward to our first session tomorrow. Hope we get a chance for some great Q&A

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    I am a pretty small ISV and just trying to get started – should I be thinking about a channel right away or should I focus on making some more direct sales before I build my channel?



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    Great question. It is usually best to have some real world experience selling and acquiring customers first before you begin your channel strategy. Your channel will want to know that your product is market and field tested and customers will pay for it. No matter how cool your idea is, it is important that the idea can translate into real revenue (Think "Shark Tank" or "Dragons Den").

    If you are really at the beginning phases, you might want to think about having your customer pay in marketing instead of dollars.

    Get them to agree to a case study, testimonial, participate in an event. But remember to treat it like a contract and have them sign up to do this. Set the expectations on both sides. Your solution has value and their marketing has value. It is a good way to get traction and references at the same time.

    Good luck.


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