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Let's meet the man who inspired this show – "Humans of Microsoft".
When I first come to know about Edward Sproull, I thought I must bring his story to more people, it is such an inspiring and positive story.
Ed Sproull was 27 when he woke in the hospital, disoriented and hung over. He felt a searing pain in his left leg, and suddenly the memory of the motorcycle accident came flooding back to him. He had been racing drunk when the brake line blew out, and he clipped his leg on an oncoming car. His upper leg had been fractured in 80 places, and his lower leg had been severed below the knee.
Losing a limb was a low point in Ed's life, but he didn't hit rock bottom until 10 years later, when he landed in prison on a six-year sentence for drug possession. As he lay on a prison cot that first night, using a toilet paper roll as a pillow, he wondered where his life went off the rails.
Ed couldn't see a way out of this one; his future felt dim. That's when he met the professor.
Let's find out Ed's journey from Prison to Microsoft.
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    The Discussion

    • User profile image
      Fred Dickinson

      Thanks for doing this. Very inspirational. Very real. Thanks for not editing out the God parts.

    • User profile image

      Wow, that's one heck of a story.  I could see that becoming a movie some day.

    • User profile image
      Emily Sproull

      Brother Ed, thank you for being all you can be always! Em

    • User profile image

      Thanks Rafat for the good interview and thanks to Ed for sharing his inspiring story with the world. Ed, you're a rock star with a positive forward facing attitude.  Your determination, work ethic, and perseverance is commendable!

    • User profile image
      Doug Thompson

      That is vintage Ed. It is the youthful attitude that keeps us all young. Thanks man.

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