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We are pleased to announce a new show “Humans of Microsoft” and thanks to Jeffrey Snover to inaugurate our pilot.

Jeffrey Snover, is a well-known figure of Microsoft. He is the inventor of PowerShell, Architect of Windows server and a Technical Fellow of Microsoft. In this show, we will go beyond the technology and try to meet the human behind the window server and PowerShell. We hope, in this personal and candid interview we will get inspired by his personal story and learn one or two things in the process. Let’s start the conversation and see what Jeffrey’s last tweet will be?

Here are links of books and Authors Jeffrey mentioned:

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors.

Jeffrey Moore.

Michael E. Portar


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The Discussion

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    Wow, this is an excellent interview. 

    I love the simplicity and honesty of both Jeffrey and Rafat.

    I enjoy seeing Jeffrey's videos all the time.  He is funny, super smart and extremely humble, just a great guy.

    Congratulations both!


    Jeffrey, I like your future last tweet (6)

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    I saw Jeffery a few years ago in Chicago at Tech Ed demo the Nano Server. Great talk. Great Nerd.

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    Amit Goyal

    Excellent & very interesting. Heard that trucker reference, you should find out such people in MS and interview them - it will motivate many outside MS and inside too. Also when possible ask questions that are targeted towards students - we all need to inspire and fire-up them up...

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    It's conforting to know that bright people like Jeffrey can be so nice and humble. It makes the thought of working at Microsoft more pleasing.

    Great interview. Looking forward for more Humans of Microsoft.
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    Good stuff

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    Great interview, Jeffrey Snover as always, entertaining, inspiring and source of very peculiar information whether useful or not in a short time frame, I think every bit of knowledge will help eventually. Thanks everyone involved for this material.

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    Great interview. When asked about regrets and Jeffrey spoke about his degree (lack of) I had "If I Only Had a Brain" going off in my head. The degree provides validation from an institution and society. The value you bring surpasses that by a lot. 

    I also thought your discussion on Marketing was interesting. It is clear that part of the success of PowerShell is how a community has been developed around that and a viral marketing campaign began. Back to Power GUI and Dmitry Sotnikov and of course the band of merry nerds who evangelize PowerShell everyday. The marketing can't be overlooked. 

    Enjoyable watch for sure!

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    Very interesting and entertaining.

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    Love the interview would like to see more of these!

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    Good interview. Keep up the good work.

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