Atari Online: IE Brings Classic Games to the Web with HTML5 and Multi-touch

Play Atari Online: IE Brings Classic Games to the Web with HTML5 and Multi-touch
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It was summer of 1972 when Atari released its first arcade game – Pong. It was revolutionary entertainment, launching Atari to quickly become the definitive gaming platform of its era, selling 30 million Atari 2600 consoles. Most modern, successful video game franchises are still inspired by Atari's original creative concepts.

Today with Atari and the help of our friend Grant Skinner we are launching Atari Arcade, continuing to showcase what's possible on the web when you couple a modern browser like IE10 with a modern OS and the power of HTML5. Atari Arcade is an updated take on eight classic Atari games like Pong, Asteroids, Missile Command, and Centipede – all built with HTML5 and multi-player capabilities that come to life with a new Windows 8 touch device and Internet Explorer 10. It also works great in IE9 on a Windows 7 PC, or any other modern browser.

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The Discussion

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    This is awesome, the best part is there is an SDK for developers to build Atari games using their SDK

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    The people who made that video kinda went overboard with the make-up.

    It all seems to work well for me in IE9 on Win7. I also like that it's not platform specific.

    This makes me think about making apps that work in the browser.
    These games are more what you would expect to see as a standalone app and yet they're really browser-games but there are so many phone apps out there that really have no reason to exist, while in the past before everyone got so excited about selling stuff for 99c in online stores many of those simple apps would have just been developed as a website. It's all backwards Smiley

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    Signed up ... hope I have time ... Smiley

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    WOW! The best part is you don't have to use IE10!

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    Unfortunately these don't load properly on the new Xbox 360 browser - hangs at "Loading 37%"

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