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To deliver the best browsing across all Windows 8 devices, we re-imagined the architecture and experience of the web browser with Internet Explorer 10.



The Discussion

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    Doesn't a full screen browsing experience make it easy for phishing?
    What would prevent a website from simulating the experience of the OS or an app? How will a user be alerted they are on the correct website or not in an right app?

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    hey!guys!will you be fixing bufferbloat in ie10 or window!steve gibson ,at webcasted about the subject!please dont ignore this post ms!most have bufferbloat issue and arent aware of it.i know you had mecanism to adjust it in the past but you do so many stuff would be nice if you looked into it and made suggestion to prevent bufferbloat(yes it affect wireless even more then wired!)

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    would it be possible also for ms to move host file in window 8 each time the malicious software removal tool is updated?shure would love it please!!PLEASE MICRSOFT!

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