Internet Explorer 10 Test Drive on Windows 8 Release Preview

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In this video, we take a look at the Internet Explorer 10 on the Windows 8 Release Preview and the improvements made in performance, touch-first experiences, and HTML5 standards-based adaptive layouts.

We explore three new demos available on today. The first demo, Chalkboard Benchmark, takes a look at the hardware-accelerated performance of Internet Explorer 10 with common touch actions such as panning, zooming and scaling content. Our next demo, Browser Surface, takes design cues from Microsoft Surface. This demo focuses on the touch-first experiences that are enabled using standards-based design and the new MSGesture API. Lastly, the Layout Adaptation demo shows the power of using Media Queries and Viewport to create layouts that adapt to your device and the size of your browser.

With this latest platform preview, IE10 continues to deliver the foundational features and performance that developers depend on to build great applications. You can download the Windows 8 Release Preview today, then try these demos and more at


— Tobin Titus, Program Manager, Internet Explorer Performance



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The Discussion

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    My IE10 crashes within a few minutes of opening two or more tabs.  I have a NVIDIA Geforce 560 Ti 2Gb.  I did this on Consumer Preview as well.  I was hoping Release Preview would fix it but it did not.  Also weird enough it did not do this on Developer Preview.  Please fix this in time for the final release.  Thanks.

  • User profile image

    @AceHack: Thanks for the feedback. I'll make sure the team has this bug. Do you have any other information that might be useful? Is there any other way to get in touch with you?

  • User profile image

    My only problem with Windows 8 is that my IE10 crashes.
    I have Ati Radeon HD 6950. I have to use Firefox to browse internet.
    My version of windows 8 is consumer preview

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  • User profile image
    Brenda Toyer

    I hate this with a passion. I purchased Windows 8 thinking everything is ok. Oh no I wished I never purchased it trust me

  • User profile image
    Lawson Hise

    I purchased a new gaming laptop with Windows 8 and IE10. IE10 opens fine but as soon as I enter a search string in any search engine or go to any sites that has a download button and click on that button, a messages box pops up saying Internet Explorer has stopped working. I'm afraid to uninstall IE10 and install IE9 because it is so tightly interconnected with the OS. I'm having to rely on Firefox and Chrome until MS comes up with a fix.

  • User profile image
    Barbara Glenn

    having problems downloading flash player to play games even tho I have a new HP laptop with all the equipment needed but no luck downloading, what could be wrong?

  • User profile image


  • User profile image

    I am having problem downloading adobe flash

  • User profile image
    john neal

    I have looked every place I can think of, but I can't figure out why I can't show any movies because I dont' have the the right version of adobe flash player. I just bought this desktop computer with windows 8. and frankly I am not liking it very well I have to go through too many steps to find what I want.

  • User profile image

    I am so glad to c that I am not the only one having problems with downloading flash drive.

  • User profile image

    I'm having the same problems that everyone else has mentioned. It's so frustrating and not right.

  • User profile image

    this thing is messing up my new computer.I want to get out of this and it wont let me close it out.

  • User profile image
    robert ricks

    it looks like not just me is having a bad day with this flash player if that's the best yall can do with it I would just a sume have windows 7 and scrap 8

  • User profile image

    having problems downloading flash player to play games even tho I have a new HP laptop with all the equipment needed but no luck downloading, what could be wrong?

  • User profile image

    I purchased the windows 8. I am not happy. I wished I kept my windows xp at least it would update and download the latest version of adobe flash player automatically. Windows 8 is complete garbage.

  • User profile image
    Anneli Moisio

    I have problems with flash player in IE10. I have Windows8. Ican not play games.

  • User profile image

    problem downloading adobe flash player any suggestions before I throw this laptop out the window

  • User profile image
    raoul deplancke

    I tried in vaine to install "adobe flash player"

    What is the reason ?

  • User profile image
    Diane Hardman

    I heard they had a download for this, please me know anything can. thxs.

  • User profile image
    james dykstra

    I don!t want this page it is hindering my use of this computer and wasteing my time.

  • User profile image
    Peter Georg Bornemann

    zum Postfach.

  • User profile image

    how can something so simple be so hard cant believe ive done everything to download adobe an its trouble trouble trouble

  • User profile image
    jaman sikder


  • User profile image
    Adolfo Serrano Fernandez

    trabajoso llegar aqui

  • User profile image
    little star

    I can't download the right flash player. I keep downloading and it doesn't' worked . I am having trouble with IE 10. I miss my XP.
    I was playing games until I needed the new flash player. I have a gateway.

  • User profile image

    Wimdows 8 IS JUNK!! Can't play a game because of Flash Player!! Junk - Junk!! Wished I never bought this JUNK!!!

  • User profile image

    אני מנשה 3ימים לעוריד תמונה המחשב דורש פלש פלייר

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