Configuring SSL in IIS Manager

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Enabling powerful SSL security to protect your Web applications is simpler to setup with IIS Manager and easier to deploy with self-signed certificates in IIS 7.0 and above. This tutorial covers adding self-signed certificates, creating certificates with a Certificate Authority and setting up HTTPS bindings.





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The Discussion

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    audio is about 1.5 to 2 minutes behind video, making it more difficult to follow.

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    Nathan Holt

    I need to fix our IIS server security, and I really want to do it NOW, and I get runaround everywhere I go. If this had been in writing with pictures, I might have something, but NO! You had to insist on a medium that would bug my office mates, and you couldn't even keep the audio and video in sync. Thanks for HATEFULL documentation!

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    this would be very useful if it were sync-ed

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    Good intentions, but poor execution.
    We hear a lot of typing, no instructions of where things reside, fast paced to take notes and not enough details to be able to follow.
    What a waste of time!

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    Don Landry

    WTF this video is a POS didn't anyone review this before they pushed this garbage out. They should say before watching this video physically get up and walk yourself into a wall. It would do as much good as this presentation.

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