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    Eugen Neufeld

    The audio and video content doesn't run synchronously which makes it nearly impossible to follow.

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    Instructor showing different sccren and explaining the content very fast

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    Robert Hall

    Rubbish, impossible to follow

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    Lenora Shelvock

    Speaker is going too fast to follow...SAD, as I'm a newby at developing.

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    bad video

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    Someone needs to fix the audio.
    Its awfully out of sync with the video, lags by a decent 30secs

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    Difficult to follow. Video and Audio does not match. looks like the presenter is in some kind of hurry...

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    I ended up downloading the video and slowing the audio down to 75% and the audio and video match perfectly, and the presenter doesn't sound as hurried.

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    There's a year's worth of comments saying the same thing and still not fixed. Not sure why I'm bothering to comment. Microsoft, please fix the audio. This is first video for newcomers. Terrible way to introduce someone to IIS. Thanks to Paul for providing a work around.

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    Clearly Microsoft doesn't give a *. Never did. Never will

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