Create Bootable Windows Server 2016 USB Installation Drive Step-by-step

Play Create Bootable Windows Server 2016 USB Installation Drive Step-by-step

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    FYI. The old Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool form the Microsoft Store still available on the codeplex site works for this...I used it to create a Tech Preview 5 USB Build on an 8GB USB Stick just this morning. Took about 10 minutes on my Windows 10 Desktop to run the tool and create the USB Key with the old tool. 

    So by pass all the hard work. :)

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    Thank you for the instructions. This is preferable to downloading an .exe for just a one-off build.

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    I did not understand the point of this video. What you showed is how to create a partition, a boot sector on it, format it, copy files on it. I don't see what is has to do Windows server 2016, as it could have been anything else like a linux live image.

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    Great video,
    Out of all the stuff i've read this is the one that helped out the most. Great explanations. Much appreciated.

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    @bohan:The disk you are creating is a bootable USB drive (use like a dvd)

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    Greg Pifer

    I just got a win server 2016 standard product key from ODosta Store at:
    Their customer support is offline right now and I want to get software ISO but Microsoft provides evaluation version where my license is not working.
    Please mention, Is your ISO is full version or evaluation copy.
    If I install this ISO, will my license activate it.

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    You can convert a evaluation copy to a normal full version. Google/Youtube will be help with this request :)

    It has to be done after you've installed the evaluation copy.

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