How To Install Windows Server 2016 on Bare metal

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See Installing Windows Server 2016 on Bare Metal Step-By-Step for full step by step instructions and the home of this video. 
  1. Leverage Create Bootable Windows Server 2016 USB Thumb Drive for Installing OS to create bootable OS disk (or burn a downloaded ISO to DVD
  2. Boot to DVD or bootable DVD ISO Image
  3. Install Now
  4. Activate
  5. Accept Terms of Use
  6. Custom Install
  7. Select OS
  8. Delete Existing Partitions
  9. Where? New Partition, do the install
  10. Install Underway
  11. Set Administrator Password
  12. Lock Screen
  13. Login
  14. Create New Administrator User



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The Discussion

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    Did this as soon as tp 5 came out. Fingerprint reader doesnt work and two wireless adapters also dont work. There are about 6 devices in device manager that will not find drivers. I use it everyday and hopefully windows update will eventually install these other drivers but for now wireless network adapters are not functional. I did try to install the drivers myself but there are some problems with several devices on my server still.

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