iJustine Introduces Microsoft Imagine: Break Into Code!

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    What a joke. This woman is a Apple macsheep lover. Why is she doing here? She also a wannabe just trying to get attention so laugh thinking she knows tech. 😆 people hire her because of her looks. Microsoft please get someone who knows more not a wannabe phony. Wonder if she left dark force of Apple. lol...

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    Jason raglift

    Can you please show real people who are really more into Microsoft products and who are real developers not some blond Apple lover who don't know technology or coding. This is a joke for sure watching and listening.

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    If you're unable to see that MS are clearly targeting non-devs and novices, probably of a very particular demographic then you really need to pull your head out of the sand. "some blonde apple lover"? Seriously? It's 2015. Grow up already. I mean what's next? Racist rants about Asians with thick accents?

    Her job here is to promo a concept "Microsoft Imagine" in less than 40 seconds. That's it. The title for this video is not "AI: Deep dive."


    Sometimes I really can't stand nerds.

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    Well said Richard.  

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