A Word from XBOX's Major Nelson & Recap of the NYC 2016 Global Game Jam

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We knew it was a long shot, but we tried to get Larry Hryb ( @majornelson ) out to NYC to see all the indie game developers in full game-making mode for the Global Game Jam 2016.  We couldn't make it happen this time, but he was kind enough to send a message to the NYC indie devs and Playcrafting. Next time, @majornelson, next time! We compiled the top audience favorites from the Global Game Jam 2016, and put them in following XBox's Larry Hryb message.

Microsoft teamed up with Playcrafting to host a Global Game Jam in NYC from January 29th-31st! Over 300 people attended and jammed throughout the weekend creating games around the theme of Ritual. We have captured the game jammers favorite games into this indie game dev reel to show off the talent in NYC for indie game developers.  From capturing murderers on a train to sand burying ostriches, check out what some people created in just a single weekend. 

[00:05] Message from Major Nelson - Larry Hryb

[01:00] The Ostrich Among Us

When this group demo'd the game, they said " I think we made the dumbest game possible", but the audience disagreed. Everyone loved this game where you need to keep your ostrich in check with sequence. 


Kevin Chen --- Art / Game design
Fox Chen --- Programming / Game design
Tirumalaimuttu Shanmugam --- Animation


[04:09] Jukai

Your goal is to keep all the bad spirits and feelings at bay in this gorgeous game about depression inspired by a real life experience someone had where they felt incapable of helping another. 


Kurt Young
Nikola Kostic
Extra animation: Chit-Tang Chang
Music: Sam Warfield

[05:49] Murder Train

Being a train conductor is pretty mundane with the same tasks, schedule and process every day. In this game, you find yourself on no ordinary train, but one that is harboring someone with a taste for ritualistic murder. Can you find the person who did it? 


David Or
Heather Arbiter
Kei Tawara
Jet Landis
Brett Taylor


[06:56] Pray Play 

This team was comprised of two children and two adults, and won the overall prize for best game. Take note of the sound effects - it was created the old fashioned way but making them with your mouth - no fancy programs needed here! 


Khamani (audio), 
Maiko (BG and UI Art),
Javon (Character and Effects Art)
Kamilah (Programmer)
Kevin (Programmer)

[08:50] L33T HAX0R

Created in JS/HTML/CSS, this multiuser game forces you and your fellow hacker to hack the system as fast as you can and work together to hack the system. 


Yu Chen Hou
Habeeb Ahmed

[10:27] Feather Skull Fire Pyramid

This asymmetrical local multiplayer game with hidden information. Defending players need to complete a ritual to create a set of resources. 

[13:09] Synapse

Procedurally generated, this game explores the ideas of connections and paths to challenge you to try to make more as the synapses fire. It's a gorgeous piece of art, and a highly addictive play. 


Brett Taylor
David Or
Heather Arbiter
Kei Tawara
Jet Landis

[14:40] Dance of Love

This rhyme based music game, you need to repeat the exact rhythm of tones from the female firefly on the male firefly. 


Sande Chen
Nilomee Jesrani
Jacob Gordon
Robert Hann
Peter Locharenkul


[18:09] Witchualistic

A team of new-comers to game making created this co-operative multiplayer game where you had to work together, finishing the individual key sequence that contributed to your group. Note - this game made me rage quit. 


Bobby Canciello
Jose Zambrano
Mike Nesta
Hessvacio Hassan

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