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Microsoft teamed up with Playcrafting to host a Global Game Jam in NYC from January 29th-31st!  Check out a video recap of all the indie dev action going on in NYC at the Expo on January 28th, 2016 - the night before the game jam to get all the game developers together and excited for the jam.  Playcrafting holds these expos 4 times a year and it brings in over 600 people - some devs, some game addicts, some wanna be game makers to the Microsoft offices. Games built in anything and everything  are demo'd, pizza is provided, and friends are made.

A Little About Playcrafting

Playcrafting empowers the game development community through education, networking, and collaboration. They offer workshops, classes, courses and events for game developers and those aspiring to make games in topics including game design, programming, art, business, and more.



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