Troubleshooting AllJoyn with Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds

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    I am going repost Chih-fan Hsin's problem explanation as I am running into the same issue and it is quite thorough. Can you provide any direction with the below issue? Is there a more appropriate forum to post this to?


    I think that there may be an issue with current getajxml.exe and alljoyncodegen.exe, when there are interfaces with the same name under 2 different object paths.
    My scenario is to write a Win UWP AllJoyn Client app that controls Aeon Lab Smart Switch via Device System Bridge. The Aeon Lab Smart Switch is used as a demo/sample codes for Device System Bridge.
    The main control interface is "". However, both /Switch object path and /Enable_Wattage_Reports object path have the same interface.

    Issue 1: When I use "getajxml.exe" to generate the introspection xml, the "node" does not specify which object path to use. Therefore, I got the same xml for 2 different object paths.
    Issue 2: Even when I manually add name="/Switch" to node and use "alljoyncodegen.exe", the resulting codes generated (I believe) do not consider the object path.
    In auto generated AllJoynHelpers::GetObjectPath(), it only returns the first object path for that interface name. Therefore, I alwasy got /Enable_Wattage_Reports object path, not the intended /Switch object path.

    Can some one shed some light about these issues?

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    Joe- sounds like a cool project! I'm investigating the answer to your question above... Will post the result when I get more info.

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    Joe- #1 is by design based on limitations/definition of introspection in DBus. Regarding #2, please contact me (via Twitter: @gavingear) and I will help you dig deeper into the issue. Thanks!

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    As mentioned in limitation section, "If you are running Windows 10 IoT Core in "Embedded Mode", this loopback exception is automatically applied..."

    How do I run Windows 10 IoT Core in "Embedded Mode"?

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