Bing Maps Module for Drupal

Play Bing Maps Module for Drupal

The Discussion

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    Very cool video. Would love to integrate this into my presence status!
    Can you host this on a mobile friendly Drupal site, so users can get a taste of this on their phone?

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    It uses the bing maps SDK under the hood so it will render in any modern browser, mobile or otherwise should work.

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    Kirsten Langholz

    I tired to install the bing maps module, but couldn't get it to run. Why? Well, after successful installation the 'configure' link links on the user account page and not the config page. On the overview configuration page of D7 it doesn't show up and guessing the correct URL to get to the module config page failed.
    Unfortunately one cannot see the correct link in the screencast either...
    Could you please help me out on this one? Thanks!

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