Redis on Windows: Getting Started

Play Redis on Windows: Getting Started

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    s m

    awesome screencast & demo!

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    Thanks for the tutorial, most helpful. I've just got one question with the demonstration right at the end of the pubsub on sine wave. The listening client was quite noisy (some gaps and some unexpected peaks also) even though the example was run locally.

    I'm guessing the issue is that the python script is being run as fast as possible.

    If the loop was run on a timer the machine / python interpreter could sustain, then the listener wouldn't have this problem ? or am I missing something else going on.

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    I'm not sure how to explain those spurious bits of noise in the pattern, actually. I never saw that (they were always a smooth sine wave) the first few times I ran the program. Then it started happening, and I thought it was because I had a few other things running at the same time, but even after shutting down other processes it was still happening. There's a time.sleep(.01) in the loop, so it's only doing 100 reps a second.

    I'll try capturing the output to a Redis list and take a close look at the numbers, will post here what I find.

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    Hi Doug, apologies I could have thought to rewind the video and see the timer you put in python code. Be interesting to know that it performs flawlessly when run very slowly, maybe to help confirm what is happening. Anyway, look forward to the next episode.




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