WordPress on Windows Azure: A discussion with Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Play WordPress on Windows Azure: A discussion with Morten Rand-Hendriksen

The Discussion

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    Great interview, covered alot of the things I've been thinking about.  From Morten's perspective, I certainly can see why this would make sense to their business ...a new option for their customers to leverage a cloud platform to better scale & support large membership sites.

    I've been working with WordPress quite a bit lately.  Although I have no plans to host our WordPress site in Windows Azure, in short term we can probably take advantage of Azure CDN and ACS 2.0.  

    Windows Azure CDN to alleviate disk i/o in our shared hosting environment.  Microsoft should either contribute or work with the creators of W3 Total Cache (currently does not integrate with Azure CDN) so that content is automatically sync'd with Azure.

    The just announced ACS 2.0 is a great addition that I think many WordPress installs could take advantage of.  Frankly I'd like to see Microsoft workout some sort deal with WordPress to get their ACS 2.0 WordPress plugin included in the default WordPress package.  After all, Windows Live did migrate over 600k+ customers to WordPress.


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