Episode 36 - Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V All you need to know Part 2

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In this episode of Interview with an MVP your hosts, Dave Kawula and Clint Wyckoff discuss many of the new features  and answer questions from a recent webinar.  


Q.  Does  hyper-v have knowledge of what IO it has available to it? so we can do things like bursting IO (allowing the machine to use more resources for X amount of time... as long as it does not affect other machines in the cluster?
Q.  Dynamic RAM - What if your server has maxed out to 8GB on Dynamic RAM and you need to free up RAM. will it "push down" the 8GB to 4GB?
Q.  So are swap/page files a thing of the past, with Nano?
Q.  Maybe off topic, but do Veeam forsee backup availability for Openstack any time soon?
Q.  Rasp PI is ARM based not x86 so I doubt that would function
Q.  Is ReFS supported on Microsoft failover cluster CSV disks?
Q.  Which version of MS server is recommended for HV2016? (GUI, Core, Nano) to be fully compatible with for example EMC PowerPath apps, etc.
Q.  IOPS control is difficult because it generally takes no account of locality of reference, i.e. a simple to service sequential workload is throttled excessively whilst fully random write workload could be throttled inaequately?
Q.  Will the Azure Stack (currently Tech Preview 1, soon to be Preview 2)?


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Hope you enjoy,
Clint and Dave
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