Episode 48 - Sami Laiho on Microsoft Ignite

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During Microsoft Ignite we had a chance to bump into some of our good friends.   We just happened to catch Sami Laiho in between his amazing sessions for this quick interview.

Microsoft Ignite #MSignite was a fantastic experience in 2016 and you can follow Clint Wyckoff, Sami Laiho, and myself on twitter:





He had two amazing sessions:

Learn about Windows 10 Secure Kernel

Learn how Virtual Secure Mode, Isolated User Mode and Secure Kernel work in Microsoft Windows 10 and how they protect against threats like Pass-The-Hash.

Learn About Windows 10 Secure Kernel


Discover Windows 10 Internals

In this session Sami Laiho shows what's really new below the surface of Windows 10. People are talking about the start menu mostly, but we talk about Secure Kernel, Memory Compression, Skylake enhancements, Device Driver protection, Active Memory dumps and so on. https://ignite.microsoft.com/

Discover Windows 10 Internals






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