Episode 59 - Hyper-V Operational Training Part 8

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Welcome to our Seventh in a series of Hyper-V Operational Training.   This training started prior to the release of Windows Server 2016.   Most of it is based on current technology on Windows 2012 R2 however there is a ton of amazing content.   In todays session we will focus on the Windows 2012 R2 Networking Stack including:

  • Private Clouds
  • VM Mobility Live Migrations
  • Ton's of white boarding
  • Ton's of Demos

The premise of this training is to teach you everything that you need to know about Hyper-V and System Center from an operational standpoint.   I like to call it Operationalizing your ops team.   When your project team is done and now you are left with having to operate all of the day to day operations.

I was so lucky to be joined in the introduction by industry expert and future MVP's Allan Rafuse @arafuse, Cristal Kawula @supercristal1, and my esteemed colleague and fellow MVP Clint Wyckoff @clintwyckoff.   As always as your host of Interview with an MVP I am Dave Kawula @DaveKawula. 

We really hope that you enjoy this series and as always we welcome any of your comments and or feedback.



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