Episode 77 - Migrating your NAS or Fileserver to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online

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In this episode Dave Kawula MVP @DaveKawula gave a presentation on OneDrive for Business at the Calgary Microsoft User Group.   This presentation shows some use cases on how to Migrate your Fileservers and NAS devices to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint online.   This is done using a technique called a symbolic link.

It was a great session and many thanks to the organizers of the CMUG Calgary Microsoft User Group for hosting this great event.  

If you didn't know Microsoft has a new program called MODE (Microsoft OneDrive Experts) and it led by our fearless leader Stephen Rose @StephenlRose.   We currently have 3 members of Interview with an MVP that take part in this program.   Emile Cabot @ecabot, Clint Wyckoff @ClintWyckoff, and Dave Kawula @DaveKawula.  

Watch the session and if you have any questions at all please feel free to comment or reach out on social media.

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