Wes Dyer: Controlling Concurrency in Rx

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    "Now this thing ... is loathsome.  Besides being loathsome, it is also ..."  I can't wait for the opportunity to use this line.  Big Smile 


    This solution looks great ... I was thinking about time too and when you mentioned the TestScheduler it was right with my train of thought - virtualized time.  Can you vary the frequency of threads separately, or in groups - like if you know certain operations can go off and run as fast as possible, or if you were accessing some network resources and you want to buffer certain results etc...?  It's like quantization of sorts isn't it?  I mean, you take a set of concurrent operations which are continuous in "wall time" and isolate them together into there own discrete time, so I think quantization fits, no?

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    Wes Dyer

    You certainly could vary the speed of "virtual threads" independently.  We have only begun to investigate the possibilities here.  I encourage you to play around with it and see what you can come up with.

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    Well done, this is very nice.  Makes me really want to start using Rx more.

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    Incredible work.

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    well done on this thanks again.

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    This is a great video Jeffrey. Thanks for posing this!
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