Your Rx.NET Prescription Has Been Refilled

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    Keith J. Farmer

    The interviewer is very loud, and Wes and Bart are very soft -- I've got the volume turned up all the way, and when I'm not deafened by one, I can barely make out the other.


    I don't suppose we could get subtitles? Smiley

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    (Could be fixed with some post-editing but audio has been an issue on C9 for some time.)


    Hah, "Rx.Net - in the wild", looks pretty funny Smiley


    Looking forward to watching this...


    ...Sound was quite okay, all things considered. Nice improvements in performance and correctness. It's a pretty impressive code coverage percentage you have there.



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    so what about golive with this release?

    can i use it in production code? Smiley



    reading the eula, it looks like i can,

    but if anyone can verify that it'd be great

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    Can't hear it Sad

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    Weird.  I'm in central Florida and have my heater on.  Looks nice in Redmond.  This must be global {something}.

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