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Today, we released a new version of Reactive Extensions for .NET.

This new version is a good reason to end the long video silence on C9. Here, Wes, Bart, and Jeff discuss the various changes in this release, why it took so long, and what we have been doing these last couple of months.

Rx can be downloaded from the DevLabs project page.



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The Discussion

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    Keith J. Farmer

    The interviewer is very loud, and Wes and Bart are very soft -- I've got the volume turned up all the way, and when I'm not deafened by one, I can barely make out the other.


    I don't suppose we could get subtitles? Smiley

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    (Could be fixed with some post-editing but audio has been an issue on C9 for some time.)


    Hah, "Rx.Net - in the wild", looks pretty funny Smiley


    Looking forward to watching this...


    ...Sound was quite okay, all things considered. Nice improvements in performance and correctness. It's a pretty impressive code coverage percentage you have there.



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    so what about golive with this release?

    can i use it in production code? Smiley



    reading the eula, it looks like i can,

    but if anyone can verify that it'd be great

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    Can't hear it Sad

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    Weird.  I'm in central Florida and have my heater on.  Looks nice in Redmond.  This must be global {something}.

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