HTML 5, Standards and Developer Features in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

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    Great video! I hadn't seen some of the features of IE8 Developer Tools yet (Yay for breakpoints and watching variables!) and the Expression Web SuperPreview was really cool.


    Keep up the good work!

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    I havent seen this video but yea the IE8 dev tools a really nice, everyone who supports windows and IE needs to know how much stuff is there to help  that and add fiddler V2 and you have a huge power to debug http and browser issues!


    PS: fiddler can even be setup with a Cert and a local proxy to trace the data in an SSL connection if you need to do that also!



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    I like the IE8 Developer Toolbar! I wish they would bake a Fidder-like HTTP sniffer into the IE Developer Toolbar. That's one of the things it lacks compared to Firebug.

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    Nice work, I love IE8 Toolbar.

    Keep it going on.

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    Tim Snadden

    IE Web Developer toolbar's slogan is: "Like firebug, only (you know) awful, pathetic and Microsofty".

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